Rickey Minder

Rickey first established herself as a standout as the Mute, in "The Fantasticks." A show she also choreographed. Reviews and patrons raved about her captivating performance, making it impossible to look away despite never speaking. She has since taken on an array of characters ranging from Little Sally in Urinetown to Ann Deever in All My Sons, proving a seemingly endless range and ability. Her natural ability backed by her commitment to the work makes Rickey a fresh breath in the acting world, a young, poised, intelligent actress who is fiercely original.

Rickey Minder has the transformation of Annelle from timid waif to willful Baptist convert down to a seamless evolution of subtle mannerisms.
The Source Weekly - 08.19.09

Solid performances from start to finish were delivered by Thea Rhiannon, Rickey Minder and Nicholas Saraceno. WOW! In the opinion of the COC, any of them could have filled their role in a professional staging of the play. While Minder and Rhiannon have appeared in several CTC productions in the recent past and more than adequately fleshed out the characters they played, both women here achieved a level of performance that the COC had never previously seen by either of them. Both were called on to express a variety of layered emotions from the perspective of the very complex parts they played. Minder's character of Ann also has many layers which were masterfully showcased. Rickey's scene where Ann shares the letter Larry has written to her before leaving on his final mission, first with Kate and then Chris, was particularly moving.
Central Oregon Critic - 02.15.09

Whatever the fate of this current collaboration the success of the inaugural partnership between the CTC and the Tower "grew" that identity-just as that alliance grew our chances to hear Minder use another asset, her voice-as well as her body-to "create a presence" for her audience's ears as well as their eyes as they scanned a performance of the first locally-produced, big-budget musical on the stage of Bend's gem-like, inimitable Tower.
The Source Weekly - 07.06.08

Two supporting players, Rickey Minder (as Little Sally) and Mary Kilpatrick (as Bobby's Mom, Josephine), also distinguish themselves with the frequently "lol" expressiveness of their arms, legs, poses and face-work. So, go - not for social revelation any more than I'd say, "go" to watch public urination. Go to see Rickey and Mary move.
The Source Weekly - 05.07.08

Rickey Minder, as the Mute (who also served as the production's choreographer) was a stand out, creating an interest for the audience in everything she did and why she was doing it. I was never bored watching her, despite the fact that she never spoke a word.
Central Oregon Critic - 02.17.08

Rickey Minder "The Fantasticks" (2008 Central Oregon Critic, Arty Awards)

Rickey Minder "All My Sons" (2009 Central Oregon Critic, Arty Awards)

The thing that strikes you first about Rickey is her absolute commitment to whatever character she is portraying.  And then you realize that commitment is embodied in her unswerving ability to listen to whatever is happening on stage and to react as that character should.  You never get the sense that she is speaking just because it is her turn.  Quite honestly, when I'm watching something Rickey is in, I have a hard time watching anybody else because I know she is delivering the truth.  And having had the pleasure of working with Rickey a few times, I have come to rely on her to deliver that truth and set an example for the rest of the cast. Every piece she performs is made better by her presence."
- Brad Hills, Executive Artistic Director, Innovation Theatre Works

"Having seen Rickey on stage several times, I had hopes that I would be able to work with her myself at some point in time. I got the opportunity during a production of "All My Sons" at Cascades Theatrical Company in which I cast her as Ann Deever. I can state unequivocally that Rickey is a lovely and talented young actress, that she is always prepared for rehearsals, and that she shines onstage. I think it's also important to recognize her role as a member of the ensemble. Rickey is able to follow another actor's lead or to take the lead herself. At one point in the rehearsal process, it became apparent that my cast members were holding back from the character discovery, but Rickey was able to let go, let Miller's words play her. The magic of theater began to be apparent and the other actors were somehow released – able to follow suit and revel in the emotional content of the play."
- Juliah Rae, Director

"Working with Rickey is always a wonderful experience. She brings a vivid emotional and physical willingness to explore the depths of a character and bring it to life in her own unique way. A natural talent crossed with a constant striving to stretch and grow. Giving, open, prepared, and luminous on and off stage... I would work with Rickey any time I have the opportunity, as an actor or a director."
- Kymberli Colbourne, Actress / Director

Rickey Minder
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Blonde
Weight: 115lbs
Eyes: Blue
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Photography, Dance (Jazz, Hip Hop), Yoga (Vinyasa, Bikram, Kundalini), Piano, White Water Rafting, Singing (Mezzo Soprano), Juggling and Percussion

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